Our products perceive, process and analyse
in a new and original manner.

The main aim of ours is the development of such products which solve the complex problems
of special business and everyday situations as well.

Our company is innovative, it manufactures and develops products combining the innovations of several technological fields thus seeking to exceed the best technical solutions available on the market. Our integrated systems are personalized according to the wishes and needs of the customers. We created products for several fields from agriculture to network monitoring systems. It is the information technology which connects all - our main specialty, and which propels us is the effort for innovation, the continuous problem-solving. With our own and outside developers we are able to react to newer challenges by presenting newer and newer innovations. During the researches we had the Hungarian Academy of Science, the Bay Zoltán Applied Research Foundation and the InQMon Ltd. as partners. In the last couple of years we introduced several innovations in sensor-technology for industrial and everyday use. Special needs and goals occur in many economic branches, however smaller businesses are not capable of solving complex problems due to the lack of resources. We can make two main groups of our products: the ones focusing on the enchancement of efficiency and the ones concentrating on special fields.

Our agricultural systems are seeking to find solutions to the difficulties of animal husbandry and cultivation. Irrigation-regulatory and land-monitoring solutions went through several phases of development, we gathered lots of experience in these fields. We developed nutriment and weather sensors, forecaster algorithms, and integrated them in an analytic evaluation system, by which the owner can get important information of his fields by a couple of clicks and also is able to regulate the it from the office. Concerning animal husbandry we can also offer solutions in order to be able to monitor every piece of the animal stock. These functions are for example the monitoring of the animals in the farm, the filtering of sick animals or the control of the animals.

We developed our physical security systems with agricultural connections: for the protection of bigger open territories, our system Forest Security provides a solution, warns of entering to the territory or of any undesirable actions. The owner is able to monitor his orchard or forest even by his mobile device. Security is ensured by huge physical distance, and also makes it unnecessary to have any employees for these tasks. Concerning constant monitoring GAS is really similar - it is a compound shift-observer system developed for avoiding depository swindles however we used the technology with other anti-theft and local debugger systems. Technically it is impossible to by-pass these security systems. It can be used for securing things from art pieces to unattended stores.

Our company develops software and hardware solutions as well for the supervision of special systems. During our projects we made voice-recogniser and analytic, VOIP quality-monitoring and network status observer applications.

Our interactive systems offer extended customer experience by their unique solutions. We combined information input systems with the most recent interactive visualising technologies and sensor technology. The data base used as the background of the system can offer several supplementary information about customers.