vrPlaza develops an online virtual service platform where visitors will be able to choose from a wide variety of different services - just like in real shopping malls.

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In this project we try to form the feelings and moves of the face in a unique way by applying solutions unknown until now. This is planned to be conducted with video-analytical instruments and 3D computer modell. The aim of our research is therefore the direct formation of fine motor movements with techniques not using invasive techniques enabling it to be interactive, optional and of real time.

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The GAS system is an automatic security and property defensive system for securing the supply of stores keeping a specially big amount of loose goods such as grain.

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The aim of our project is the development of an automatic marketing robot (Amaro â€- Automated Marketing Robot) system. By adapting modern video technology our solution provides an interactive, personalized and continuous service for customers in the fields of product- and service search, orientation and purchase.

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Surgery simulation in which we are able to model each surgical procedures with 3D simulations assisted by robotics, thus for example not invasive surgical methods and treatments.

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