Our Services

Product Development

During product development we use the multiple iteration method. We take into consideration the needs of the market and at significant decision points reannex and fortify them, therefore confirming that the partial results of the development process correspond to the starting presumptions and the fast changing market requirements. We carry out our product development according to our own ideas and also the requests of our partners. We are ready to assure our competences and resources for external projects.

Projects of the Innofor-Invest Ltd. can be defined in the dimensions of informatics, technology and industrial specialties and suit the most dinamic international trends. We created referred units, prototypes and products int he fields of M2M, smart metering, mobile technology, censor detection and image production.

Our team consists of highly educated professionals with experience from research and development.

R+D Consultation

The company considers innovation as its credo and this affects our everyday life. We are striving for having research and development as a result-oriented process instead of an autotelic activity. We experienced that besides the idea, in a R+D project it is also the daily research activity which is an influential element. Therefore we dedicate a significant resource of management and quality insurance while maintaining the atmosphere and organizational structure typical for research institutions. Our R+D projects are financed by sources from the EU and the Hungarian Government alongside with the needed personal power, in other cases we form unique legal and financial constructions with our partners. We carry out our research and development projects with the utmost routine while we are searching for the optimal, marketable, financially beneficial and environment-friendly solutions for concrete problems. The results of our researches are mostly prototypes, usually with hardware and software layers, integrated in complex systems.

IT Services

We do the planning and the construction of IT infrastructures and we also undertake the monitoring of instrument-supply (warranty management, system optimalization), system running (maintenance of optimal system security, integration of SLA monitoring systems) and application monitoring. We have several competences concerning development, we have practised it in different surroundings.

Our service sin the fields of infrastructure development:

Windows Server Infrastructure management in business environment,
Linux system monitoring (high visibility websites), tuning, scripting,
VmWare virtual technology
Desktop management

Experience ofv
programming languages:

.NET languages (C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET),
Office product automation (VBA),
MS Access development